May 2, 2016


Attendance Areas

The Jackson County Board of Education believes that attendance is a key factor in student achievement. The Board encourages every positive and innovative means, which will contribute to students’ regular attendance, recognizing that school personnel, parents, the community, and the students themselves share in the responsibility. Students are expected to be present and punctual each day that school is in session.

Home Schooling

Parents may home school their own children pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-3050.  Students may be enrolled in Independent Home School or in Church-related Home Schools.  Mrs. Phyllis Goad may be contacted at the Jackson County School Board’s Central Office at 931-268-0119 for assistance in answering questions about home schooling.  The school system requests that parents notify the system of the intention to home school.

Education for Homeless Children and the McKinney-Vento Act

  • If you live in any of the following situations:
  • In a shelter, motel, vehicle, or campground
  • On the street
  • In an abandoned building, trailer, or other inadequate accommodations, or
  • Doubled up with friends or relatives because you cannot find or afford housing. Then, you have certain rights or protections under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act.

Helpful Links for Homeless

Helping unaccompanied homeless youth access college financial aid:

Helpful resources in Tennessee:

Movie for parents:

Parent list of education rights:

Kinship care:


Transcripts of school records are currently on file at the Jackson County High School.  Mrs. Tammy Dodson maintains these files and may be contacted at 931-268-9771.